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Course Information

Admission Requirements

• Applicant must provide a copy of his/her U.S. High School Diploma, GED. For students that have immigrated to the United States, we require their foreign High School Diploma or its equivalent to be translated and notarized certifying the completion in their studies is equivalent to those of a U.S. High School diploma.
• Applicant must provide a copy of identification issue by any government agency. Such identification include the following: Driver License, State issued identification, Military ID, United States Passport, Valid Passport from any country, United States INS Issued ID or Certificate of US citizenship.


If you can see yourself working in the beauty industry, honing your skills, and working wonders for your clients, cosmetology school might be perfect for you. Our 1000 hour cosmetology program can teach you everything you need to know about hair, makeup, skin care, nail technology, and more!

These classes within our program are designed to equip students with the necessary skills to be prepared to sit for the state exam. We have seen so many of our graduates go on to work in high-end salons, own their own salons, or become successful freelance cosmetologists.

1000 Hour Program


To become a licensed esthetician, you only need to learn the basics and pass the state licensing exam. To become an outstanding esthetician, you need to be on the leading edge of treatments, techniques, and services that you can provide to your clients.

The esthetics program at our school is designed to help our students pursue their passion when it works best for them, which is why we offer different scheduling options. These services are important for helping our students prepare for the state licensing exam, which is required for our graduates to practice as professional estheticians.

600 Hour Program


Love gorgeous nail art? At our school, our nail specialty program could be the perfect way for you to start your career in the beauty world! There’s always a little boost of confidence when you have beautifully shaped and manicured nails. If you’re looking to provide that feeling for others, what better place is there than to learn the nail specialty than at our family-owned school?

Licensed manicurists can help relax their clients with luxurious hand massages while unleashing their creativity with intricate nail art on small canvases: fingernails and toenails.

250 Hour Program


The waxing course of study consist of 75 clock hours covering all phases of skin structure, disorder , disease and removal of superfluous hair mandated by the NYS Department of State. The course is design to prepare the student to obtain knowledge and skills needed for an entry level position in the waxing field and pass the NYS Appearance Enhancement examination. Passing the exam is a requisite in order to obtain a Waxing License. The license is a requirement to operate as a waxing specialist in the state of New York.

75 Hour Program

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