Grace International Beauty School can provide various support services, focusing on individual student needs and interests. Below is a brief list of just some of the services offered:

• Assist graduates with career searches
• Provide current job openings
• Career counseling
• Resumé and interview training
• Employment assistance
• Housing needs
• Transportation needs
• General advisement


  • Grace International Beauty School, Inc. encourages its students to be involved in industry events and programs. With our expansive salon network, it is easy to stay continually active within the community. Learning isn’t always in the classroom, it’s critical for a beauty professional to be well-rounded and experience all the amazing ways you can connect with clients and this creative industry!
  • Grace International Beauty School, Inc. has a network of many salons, spas, and health clubs. We will be able to help you begin your professional career. We can help you gain the knowledge you need by providing placement and assistance from professionals in the industry. However, Grace International Beauty School, Inc. is where the learning aspect of your career takes place and does not guarantee job placement.