Student Consumer Information



The Student Catalog is the official catalog of Grace International Beauty School and takes precedence over all previously published versions.  This catalog is not intended to nor does it contain all polices that relate to students.  Students are held individually responsible for complying with all requirements of the rules and regulations of Grace International Beauty School. Failure to read and comply with policies, regulations and procedures will not exempt a student from being governed by and accountable to them.

Student Right To Know

In compliance with the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act 20 U.S. C. §§1092(a), (e) and (f) as amended, Grace International Beauty School collects specified information on campus crime statistics, campus security policies, and institutional completion or graduation rates and all other information required by the Act. Every September, Grace International Beauty School will publish an annual report containing all information required by the Act and, provide copies of the report to applicants for enrollment or employment upon request.

Annual Security Report

Grace International Beauty School publishes the Annual Security Report, which includes information about our Campus Security Authorities, how to report a crime, Grace International Beauty School’s crime prevention programs, substance abuse, sensitive crimes, emergency notifications, timely warning and other important information about security. The report contains three years of statistics on reported campus or campus-related crimes. A hard copy may be obtained by contacting a school representative.

Title IX Policy

This is Grace International Beauty School’s policy on Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct and Discrimination on the Basis of Sex (Title IX). This policy applies to Grace International Beauty School employees, students and third parties within Grace International Beauty School’s control, including visitors and applicants for employment.

Code of Conduct For Student Loans

The U. S. Department of Education requires all colleges and universities to adhere to a code of conduct that specifically applies to student loans.

CARES Act 30-Day Report