group Graduation Requirements
To receive a diploma from the Grace International Beauty School, you must:
1. Meet the minimum course requirements,
2. Complete the required course hours,
3. Complete tuition and fee obligations,
4. Meet service quota requirements,
5. Pass final school board exam with an 85% or higher.

Licensing Requirements

To receive a license in the State of New York, each student is required to:
1. Complete the hours in the course of instruction,
2. Submit the following items to the State Licensing Division/State Board of
► License application fully completed,
► Passport quality photo, attached to application
► A copy of high school diploma, or GED certificate, or high school
transcripts  or proof that the prospective student is 17 years old
► Certificate of graduation/diploma
3. Successfully complete the written and practical examination conducted by the State Board of Cosmetology.